Thursday, November 6, 2014

Edimax EW-7811Un Wi-fi dongle on Ubuntu

The EW-7811Un is a cheap and fairly ubiquitous Wi-fi dongle.  If your Ubuntu installation doesn't come with a driver; here's how to get it working.  I'm using Ubuntu 13.04.

This wi-fi dongle is based on the RTL8188CUS chip.  Verify that this part number shows up on lsusb (mine's on the top line):

Do a Google search for RTL8188CUS driver, download and unzip the driver (from the Realtek site is better).  It should be called (md5: 5f15575ba6ae58cae485e8060bc771ed).  You should see this:

Go to driver/, extract the .tar.gz.  Then all you should need is a make and a (sudo) make install to be in business.

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